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Discover Your Path to Mental Health


Counselor Supervision

This service is provided for counselor interns seeking supervision of practicum hours in obtaining their professional counseling license in the state of Texas.

Bariatric Surgery Assessment

This service is provided for clients seeking bariatric surgery and will be required to obtain a psychological assessment for their medical provider prior to the procedure.


Family Therapy

This service is often needed in parent consultations and other family system issues.  Communication training and conflict resolution strategies are integral methods used to improve these relationships.

Corporate/Business Trainings

This service provides trainings in business and education settings; which can include communication training, mental health first aid, and ethical considerations for educators and MHPs.


Couples Counseling

Marriage and couples counseling services can include communication and conflict resolution training.  Sex therapy, financial counseling, and co-parenting skills may also be utilized, dependent upon an assessment of relationship needs.

Substance Use Therapy

This service is individually-based and voluntary, with an emphasis on participation in an outpatient support group separate from therapy sessions.  Sessions can include both psychotherapy and substance use education and support. 


Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

A structured therapy used to help clients who have experienced trauma. This evidence-based treatment addresses unresolved memories and trauma-related symptoms such as depression and anxiety.

Child and Adolescent Therapy

This therapy is targeted for ages 6-17 and uses various modalities (art, sand, and play techniques) chosen to address the client’s specific challenges (anxiety, school-related adjustment issues, or other behavior issues).

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